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Guided by integrity, persistence, and passion, FGP delivers maximum results in the Contemporary Jazz format

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Radio Promotion Campaigns

For emerging and established Contemporary Jazz artists and vocalists

Music Assessment and Career Guidance

FGP helps artists navigate the smooth jazz industry by offering the following artist development services:

Demo/CD Assessment

Music Marketing Consultations

Music Business Education

Industry Contacts and Referrals

Career Guidance

Our Services and Goals

FGP is a longtime industry leader in the world of smooth jazz consulting and promotion. We have led successful campaigns for major labels, Grammy award winners and indie artists alike. Whether you’re an established artist or just breaking into the industry, our goal is the same: maximum airplay and chart success.

Typical Radio Campaign

FGP offers 2-tier single-based radio campaigns geared explicitly towards each song's unique situation. All campaigns give artists and labels appropriate time to develop chart exposure and success in the format. As part of the campaign, clients will receive a weekly report highlighting the location and frequency of airplay, as well as a personalized summary and outlook by David Kunert.

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